Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google Earth Digitally travel the world

How about planning a digital trip in class?

With Google Earth we can talk about cities and we can actually go there!
I'm sure students will benefit from getting to know where the cities are before they talk about them.
I used one of my favorite tools and planned an information gap activity. Student A listens to a couple planning a day in Jerusalem...

Student B goes to Hawaii...

Students were asked to plan a day in a place of their choice using Google Earth and prepare a brief report justifying their choices.
Where would you go if you could just leave right now, how would you spend your day?


  1. Hi Dani,

    I really love this idea - I very much enjoyed the recording too! Did you record it with Jing?

    It's so authentic and "not" textbookie! "Shopping, shopping, shopping!"

  2. Hi Karenne,

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm really pleased that you liked this activity. We used Camtasia studio - the free 30 day trial - for the recording. The whole thing was part of my final project for the course on web2.0 for educators that I was taking. A world of possibilities were opened for me and your blog is a constant source of inspiration. I still struggle a little sometimes, cause eventhough the school I work at has broad band in the classrooms, we are strongly recommended to not plan stuff that needs the net when we deliver... Too many teachers online, our connection would get too slow. Finding a balance between going plugged or unplugged is a catch, isn't it? How much of your lessons rely on using the web in class? Do you actually have students hands on, or publish their work for them?As I did in this project?