Sunday, August 8, 2010

Personalizing Vocabulary Games - Food Items

Describe it
One of my favorite games for the amount of speaking it promotes.
Elementary students must be encouraged to speak, they still don't believe they can actually communicate.
We played the game below. As follow up students wrote and illustrated more pages for the game. I'll send their work to their families to enjoy it together.
ESL Food Items Guessing Game


  1. I loved this!!!!!!!!!I´ll definitely use it next class! Can I? Can I? Dear, you´re brilliant. By the way, do you remember I told you my students had drawn their favorite foods? Well, I decided to use them in a Photo peach guessing game. Take a look at them in my wiki. Tell me what you think.

  2. By the way, I loved the new face of your blog!

  3. Dear Cleide,
    I am really happy that you want to use it. Pleeeease do it and let me know whatyour students thought. Did they guess the food easily? My kids are curious... They get really proud whenever it gets a little difficult.
    I'll show your wiki to my groups so that they get to see what you guys are doing.