Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using Songs toTeach Participial Adjectives

  • Adults;Teens
  • Beginners
  • Guessing;singing
  • Participial adjectives

  • 1. Listen and read to some lines of well known songs. If you guess the name of the song, you'll score a point. If you sing part of the song, you'll score 2 points.
    a) Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away...
    b)Get up stand up get up for your rights
    c) Start spreading the news... I'm leaving today
    d) While my eyes are looking for flying sources in the sky...

    3. Listen to a musical quiz and tell your partner how the songs make you feel.

    4. Read some of the sentences. Which ones are true to you?
    a) Song one makes me feel tired.
    b) Song one makes me feel relaxed.
    c) Song one is annoying.
    d) Song 2 is annoying.
    e)Song 2 makes me feel excited.
    f) Song 2 makes me bored.
    g) Song 3 is exciting.
    h) Song 3 is exciting.

    5.Complete the table with four sentences from the quiz.

    Sentences with adjectives ending in – ed

    Sentences with adjectives ending in - ing

    What’s the difference?

    The present and past participle forms of many verbs function as adjectives.

    The past participle (tired, excited, annoyed) has a passive meaning. Most sentences using past participles can be restated with a by phrase.

    The artist is excited = He is excited by the news

    6. Follow up

    Think of a soothing, interesting or stimulating song that you like. You are going to tell your partner about it. Choose from the list the things you want to talk about. Think about what you’ll say and what language you’ll need.

    Does the song bring you memories? What kind?

    Have you been listening to this song lately?

    What are the lyrics like?

    What do you think of the melody?

    How could you describe the beat?

    What artists perform this piece of music?

    Do you prefer the melody, the lyrics or both?

    Can you sing or hum this song?

    7. Post the song in our virtual classroom!


    1. I LOVE seeing people use songs that AREN'T just fill in the blanks! This is such a great activity, I don't teach this grammar point right now but I think I could take the concept and apply it to other concepts I teach. Thank you so much! If you are looking for other ways to use osngs you can check out:

    2. Thank you so much for your job, great activity!