Monday, October 3, 2011

Modals Ability/Necessity - Combining Tools With a Purpose

1. Read the sentences below and choose the ones you agree with. 

Little boys have to go to bed early.
Little boys can jump on their beds late at night.
Little boys have to brush their teeth before they go to bed.
The dog's family doesn't have to sleep in the bedrooom.
The dog can not bark nonstop.
A dog's family has to spend all night inside the house.
A dog has to bark the whole time.

2. Match the verbs with the definition:

1. Can
2. Have to
3. Don't have to
4. Can't

( ) You have the know how/ability to do something.
( ) You have the obligation or the necessity to do something.
( ) You don't have the obligation or necessity to do something.
( ) You don't know how/ability to do something.

3. What happens in the house? What do you think about it? Get strips of papers with words to form sentences about the video. When you teacher says go, start putting the sentences together. How many can your group organize?

4. How about you? What are your rules at home or at school? Write as many sentences about you as you can. Write your sentences on glogster and show it to your family. Do they agree with the rules?

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