Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hereafter Deductions- Past Modals Personalizing

I love movies that images linger with me and make me think. I believe my teen students also like powerful, interesting images to make our lessons more memorable and engaging. This lesson is about using the movie Hereafter to trigger students' drawing logical conclusions in a controlled framework and slowly scaffold to a more personalized freer practice on our facebook group.

1. What happened? Watch a movie scene and write as many sentences as you can to make guesses.

Must (not) have might (not) have may ( not ) have could ( not ) have

1. She______________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________

4. Her husband_______________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________________

7. The child__________________________________________________

8. _________________________________________________________

9. _________________________________________________________

Watch the scene of what actually happened and check your guesses.

1. Rewrite these sentences using a modal expression of speculation.

a) It’s not possible that she covered the story herself because she was very emotional.

b) It’s certain that she wanted to survive.

c) Maybe her husband forgot to buy the children's gifts.

d) It’s certain that her husband was terrified.

e) I’m positive that she never returned to the island.


Think of a situation and write it down. Give it to another pair.Tell the group about the situation you got. Post it on our facebook group. Your friends will react on it there.

Somebody must have...

She must have been...


My daughter decided to travel by car with her boyfriend’s family.

I had mixed feelings, but after talking to his mom I decided to let her.

I called her many times, but her phone wasn’t ringing.

There’s no doubt that...

I’m positive that...

I supposed that...

She must have...

You must have...

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