Sunday, March 31, 2013

Castaway - Using Second Conditional

Download the worksheet here
Level -  intermediate
Aim    - Contextualize grammar point - second conditional
Age groups - adults and teens

1. Watch the first scene and discuss the following questions.

What would be the first thing you'd do if you found yourself stranded on a desert island?
What would your chances of survival be?
How would you find/store water?
What would be the most important course of actions to take to guarantee your survival?
Would you have the strength to fight for your life?
Would you have fierce will to live?

2. In groups of three you have to agree on 5 objects that would be wonderful to find on a desert island. Prepare to say what you'd do with the items.

“If I were on a desert island and found/came across a _________________,  I would use it to ____________________.”

3. You will watch 4 short movie scenes in which the main actor is struggling to make it on the island. Before you watch them  discuss the folowing questions.

If you found many coconuts, how would you open them?
If you were standed on a desert island, how would you fish?
If you had survived a plane chash and were alone on a desert island, how would you make fire?
If you spent 4 years on the island by yourself, how different would you be?

4. While you watch. Watch the following scenes and decide whether the sentences are true or false.

To open the coconut, he used a rock as a knife.
It was rather easy for him to figure out how to open the coconut. 
He lost his mind because he knew he would die of thirst.
He almost lost his mind before he finally realized how to start a fire.
He didn't take long to realize how easy it was to start a fire. 
He never gave up going back to his family. 
He used to avoid going to the dentist like a plague. But now he wishes wIlson were a dentist.
He had nothing to lose, so he decided to get his tooth off with a rock.
He lost track of time during his stay on the island. 

5. The character in the movie found many things that he could use to survive. Look at the list and try to guess what he is going to use each item for. Complete the sentences below.
Rollerblades - fabric - plastic - shoes - paper box
If I were him, I'd use the ___________ to ______________.

6. Watch the scene and check your guesses.

7. After you watch - In groups of three, reevaluate the objects you thought you`d like to find on a desert island. Have you changed your mind? Why?

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