Thursday, March 14, 2013

Relative Clauses Go Digital

Here goes a simple idea that you can use to practice defining relative clauses with students cameras.

Aim - Sentence level practice of defining relative clauses
Procedures - Ask students to find and interesting picture in their camera roll and write a sentence to describe it using relative clauses.

It`s a picture of a place where...
It`s a picture of a friend who...
It`s a picture of a concert that...

Ask students to read their sentences out loud and have peers guess. Have students ask follow up questions if necessary.

Student`s work

Student A - It`s a picture of a concert that I`d love to go.
Student B - Have you been there? Do you have to fly to get there? Is it Rock in Rio?

Student A - It`s a picture of a store where you can buy amazing t-shirts.
Student B - Is it in town? Are the t-shirts expensive?

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