Friday, June 10, 2011

Teaching ESL Students about Webtools and Social Networking

1. You will watch a video on web 2.0. Before you watch answer the questions below.

What’s a web2.o?
What’s a web1.o? How different are they?
what are your favorite sites? Do they qualify as web1 or 2?
What springs to mind when you hear the word facebook?
What's special about facebook? Why is it so popular?

2. Watch what the characters in the movie The Social Network are saying about the site. How similar what they mention is to what you said?

3. Discuss
What's your favorite facebook feature?
What do you think about the status feature?
Why do you think this feature is so popular?
Watch the scene and check

What do you know about twitter?
How often do you use?
How can people use it wisely and productively?

What are these tools for? Have you heard of them? What do/would you use them for?
RSS feed
4. Discuss
How do you believe facebook could be improved?
Can you think of a site or application that could become popular among people your age?
What is the most useful site or application for you? Why?

5. Problem solving
What advice would you give to a person who is totally addicted to social networking and finds difficult to relate to people face to face?


  1. Hey teacher!
    We`ve stopped by to leave you a comment on our last class, which was really amazing. We wanted you to know that we've tried the research tool of twiter and it was, actually, very useful for us.
    Thanks for the tip!

    Jana and Cláudio

  2. Dear jana and Claudio,

    You made my day! It's a pleasure to help you learn English, and it's a bigger pleasure to let you realize how you can take advantage of your language skills to thrive in other areas!