Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second Conditionals - On A Desert Island

1. Discuss in groups.
What do you think about the outdoors?
Do you enjoy being around nature?
Are you a surviver? Would you be able to survive in the wilderness?

2. You have a puzzle to solve. In groups of three you have to agree on 5 things that would be wonderful to find if you were alone on a desert island. Prepare to say what you'd do with the items.

If I were on a desert island I would like to find a _________________ because I would use it to ____________________.

3. Watch the movie scene and check how many things you mentioned appear in the movie.

4. The character in the movie found many things that he could use to survive. Look at the list and try to guess what he is going to use each item for. Complete the sentences below.

Rollerblades - fabric - plastic - shoes - paper box
If I were him, I'd use the ___________ to ______________.

5. Watch the scene and check your guesses.

6. Leave a comment here telling your group what you'd take to the island and why or
record your voice on and add the link to the comment area to share with your group.

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