Friday, March 9, 2012

BYOD Jornal - An Educator Journey


Over the past three years, my teaching practice has changed, adapted and upgraded as my fingers press keys after keys. It has been a rollercoaster because I started out as a technophobic and moved to a somehow more comfortable position in terms of implementing  the use of webtools and technology into my practice. At first,  I was only able to use some devices myself. I was designing my powerpoints, using my class computer and some software with some ease. Soon enough I was asking my students to become producers of digital content. This has also been a roller coaster beause I have faced many challenges, but I made it. I helped many of my learners realize how powerful the internet can be to enhance and maximize learning. I have used the computer lab to have my students produce content, or assigned this phase as homework. But I need to move beyond. I am now part of the tech team at my school, and I need to bring some new concepts into my own classroom in order to feel comfortable enough to help other teachers. My first aim is to work on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. But I have an extra challenge. I need to learn about APPS that actually work offline and are free or almost free. In other words, I need to come up with good practices in which learning is trully enhanced. The first step is to try out, experiment  myself so that I can advocate for something I trully believe in. My progress will be recorded here as a learning journal. Any advice or tips are more than welcome! What APPS do you use or want to learn about? Do they add value to your teaching?


How would i plan to teach a BYOD 

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Baby Steps
Adult Learners

1. Check out what devices students have. Ask them to dowload  

 2, Students might need a new memory card. I did.
 3. Start using in class on your own phone. Give it to a student to use during class

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