Friday, October 28, 2011

Noticing Changes in Pitch x Changes in Meaning

Have you seen the movie How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days?
How do you feel when you first meet someone interesting?
How do you usually come across?

2. You'll watch a scene from the movie How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days without the sound. In this movie, Ben, a very arrogant womanizer, is about to meet a beautiful girl. He really wants to impress her. Read the tapescript and decide what intonation they used.

He: Hi
She: Hi
She: Andie Anderson
He: Benjamin Barry
She: Cute
He: Thank you
She: I mean your name
He: Thank you two times
She: Unattached?
He: Currently
She: Likewise
He: Surprising
She: Psycho?
He: Rarely
He: Interested?
She: Perhaps
He: Hungry?
She: Starving
He: Leaving
She: Now?
He: Ok
She Ok
She: One second
He: I'll meet you at the door

2. Watch the dialogue again and check your answers.

3. Note that a change in pitch can indicate a change in meaning. What is the idea behind each utterance? How much can you tell about the speaker's intention just by the intonation chosen?

4. Read the dialogue below. Use the intonation indicated. Who and what they are ? What does each utterance mean?

4. Use audioboo to record one of the dialogues.

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