Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Using a Song Activity to Teach Second Conditional

1. Pair up or sit in groups and discuss what you would do if these situations happened to you.

a) If I had to say something to someone who broke my heart I would tell him or her...
b) If I broke up my relationship I would never...
c) If somebody said they would die for me I would feel...
d) If I saw my friend's boyfriend or girlfriend with somebody else I would...
e) If my friend saw my boyfriend/girlfriend with someone else I'd like him or her to...

2. You will listen to a song a guy wrote to his girl friend. Use the words in the cloud to write sentences you might find in the lyrics. Listen to your teacher reading part of the song. Check your sentences and illustrate them to help you visualize the situation.

3. Listen to the song again and complete the lyrics.

4. What would you do if a person you love told you that:
a) He/she were going to drop out of school.
b) He or she were going to travel to a foreign country for good and asked you to come along.
c) Asked you to marry him or her now.

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