Sunday, November 18, 2012

Past Modals - Speculating about a Crime

1. Make a word web with all the words you learned that relate to crime in the unit.

2. You are members of the behavioral Analysis Unit and you have been asked to collaborate with the FBI in a crime investigation. Watch the first scene to get familiar with the situation. 

3.  Watch scene 2 and meet your team.

4. You and your partner interviewed different people and  found some evidence that you need to share in order to figure out this horrible crime. Use your notes and speclate about what couldn't/must/ must not/ can/ might have happened in order to solve this horrendous crime.

          The girl was seeing at the mall with someone in a video footage from security cameras.

           There was a crime last week in which a little girl died after being kidnapped at a mall in the city.

           There is no connection between the girls. The killer knew well the surroundings and must have felt safe.

            The cousin, Jeremy, remembered that he was with the girl at a game store and that she had been crying asking him to leave with her, but he was playing a game with another girl.

            The police found the girl`s necklace hidden in a plastic bag in the mall.

            The aunt never mentioned to the police that she had worked in the mall where the crime happened.

            Her uncle knew more about his niece than about his own son.

          The girl knew not to walk off with a stranger.

           The girl must have trusted the offender because nobody heard screams or fights.

           The cousin, Jeremy, either saw or heard something that could be useful, but the guilty manifested into an acute stress disorder and he can`t remember anything.

          Police found the necklace the girl was wearing when she went missing.

         The clap was damaged like it were ripped off her neck and tossed in the trash. It was a passion crime.

         The abductor just wanted to fulfill his urge and move on.

         The girls dolls were all acted on and this shows that she might have suffered abuse by a close family member.

5. Watch the scene in which the detectives solve the crime. Did you guess correctly?


  1. The second video is not working... awesome activity

  2. The second video is not working... awesome activity