Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teaching in 2013

 Never have I written a list with my new year`s resolutions, but today I decided to do so for one main reason. 2012 was a very productive year at work. I blogged, designed activities, shared my ideas with colleagues and my PLN, presented 4 workshops and connected with many many students. I also took part in a serious project that aims at offering high quality teaching for unprivileged adult students in Rio, and to do so, I had to learn how to use webex and train teachers how to deliver classes in English for beginners. I also finished a teacher training course and I was tired, very tired. ..

I came to some conclusions that I really want to take into consideration. I need to plan lessons that motivate my learners and make them produce and connect, but I need to have fun along the way. Fun in the classroom, but most importantly, fun at home. No matter how carefully designed my lesson is, it will not work as it could unless I am rested, happy and light. With these ideas in mind I took a plane with two of my three children to Israel to visit family and friends.

As soon as I started traveling, I realized that I can get a break from teaching and learning, but teaching and learning do not get a break from me. I started reading a very interesting book about Task based approach that will help me present a mini course for teachers at Casa Thomas Jefferson- great learning experience that was offered to me, and I enrolled in an EVO - Eletronic Village Online session about neuroscience. This week I am supposed to choose an Online Space to collect the digital resources I produce along the way, keep a space for reflection on my learning and findings about neuroscience in education, receive feedback and start my journey as a lifelong learner. Since I already see this blog as my virtual home, a space to reflect and share what I know - or believe I know, it`s only natural I keep my records here.  Resolutions for 2013? Be the best person, mom, teacher, wife I can be and have tons of fun along the way. What about you? What are you looking forward to doing this year?

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  1. Hi Dani, I too am happy to stick to my good old blog! I don't like opening new spaces and deserting them - I feel I've already done this too many times. My resolution for 2013? - I like to run so I hope to get to the 1500 km mark this year.

  2. Wow! How nice! I like to run too and I do it in a beautiful park here in Brasilia.

  3. Sounds like 2012 was quite a productive year for you, Dani! I'm glad that you have joined this session. And now I've found running as a common interest with both you and Sasa! Maybe we can keep encouraging each other throughout the year ;)