Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ESL Class -Sports

Official 2010 World Cup Poster by Shine 2010 - 2010 World Cup good news.

The whole world got the soccer bug! We hear people talking about the games everywhere...
Down here in Brazil, everyone is watching the games, even me! So... Here is the ESL soccer lesson I designed and delivered last night.

Hi Everyone,
This activity is meant to enable you to talk about a soccer game with friends all over the globe. Enjoy!
Keep your notebook at hand and write down any word and collocation you come across that you might need.

Conversation sparkle
  • Are you a sports fan?
  • What was the best game you have watched?
  • Describe a game you remember and take notes of words you need to know in English.

A video to get inspired and learn vocabulary items in context
by my talented workmate Cleide Frazão.

  • What do you remember from the 1994 finals?
  • Who were the players?
  • What was the score?

Watch this video and check.
Watch it again and take notes of interesting words to describe the emotion of watching a good game.

Prepare to talk about your game, think about the language you might need.
A place to record your game related experience.
I downloaded the video my talented friend Cleide Frazão made before class and was on line just for the recording stage. It worked beautifully, but in case you are unplugged and want to record your students, you can do it with audacity or another recording device and upload to voicethread later on.
Have you been watching the games? Have you seen Brazil's last game? How did you like it? Would you like to talk about soccer with your students? Why?

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