Saturday, July 2, 2011

Talking Wine with ESL Adult Students

1. Watch the movie segment and pay close attention to what the characters say.
2. All the sentences below were said by the characters in the movie. Each sentence has a mistake. How many sentences can you and your partner correct?
a) I would never underestimate Stephanie.
b) I got this wonderful collection.
c) I’ve never had to live bottle to bottle.
d) The 61’s are not peaking right now.
e) It was supposed to be for my 12th wedding anniversary.
f) I got serious about ten years ago.

3. you'll watch another scene in which the characters are talking about wine.

Before you watch
Do you like wine?
What do you know about pinoh noirs or merlot?
What's the difference between them?
What's the best wine you have ever tasted?

While you watch
Put the lines in order
( )Can I ask you a personal question, Miles?
( )The people who tended and picked the grapes
( )I originally got into wine through my ex- husband
( )What was going on the year the grapes were growing
( )I like how wine continues to evolve
( )Why are you so into Pinot?
( )I like to think about the life of the wine
After you watch
Complete the lines
What did the lady say about wine?
Have you ever thought about wine this way?
Is there a bottle of wine that youd like to try?
when did you last drink fine wine? How would you describe it?

Follow up
The people in the movie are good at choosing and tasting wine.
What about you, What are you good at?
Watch a how to video on, and prepare to tell the class about it.
If you were asked to make a how to video, what would you talk about?
I know how to prepare...
I know how to make...
I know how to install...

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