Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

1. You will watch a movie scene from the movie Toy Story 2. In the scene, Justin, the boy who is the owner of the toys, is still a child. Choose from the options below what was true for him back then, but is no longer true now that he is a teen.

Be quiet
Be handfull
Be restless
Play make believe
Have many toys
Play with all his toys on daily basis
Play in the garden
Have a baby sister
Spend hours at the neighbor's
Have a baby brother

2. Watch the scene and check your answers.

3. Do you have a good memory? Write as many sentences as you can remember.
He used to ___________________.
He didn't use to _______________.

4. Spot the lie. Read the paragraph the teenager wrote as a school assignment about his childhood. Can you spot two lies?

My Childhood
There are great moments in life, but one that I will never forget is my childhood. When I was a child, time used to pass much slowlier. I used to spend hours in my room playing with my toys. We had a wonderful garden, but I didn't use to play there because I prefered to play at the neighbor's. I used to have many toys, but one that I liked in particular was my cowboy doll. I used to put him on my shoulders and run around pretending that I was a horse. I really liked my astronaut too. My Mom gave him to me, but he was all broken. I used to have a Mr. Potato Head and many others. We used to do everything together and time went by too fast. I will always remember those years, for I was a trully happy child.

5. Talk in pairs
What kind of child were you? Why?
What did you use to do? Why?
What did you use to play? Why?
What did you use to watch on TV? Why?
What did you use to do on the weekends? Why?
What school did you use to go? Why?
Who used to be your best friend? Why?

6. You'll write a short paragraph about your childhood. Upload a picture to photobubble and record your voice. Share your work with the rest of the group.

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