Friday, July 1, 2011

Esl Lesson- Facing Challenges - Conjunctions

Discuss in pairs
Have you ever seen the movie The King's Speech?Would you like to see it? Why? Why not?What do you know about t he story?
Have you ever delivered a speech or workshop?
How would you feel if you had to deliver a speech to a huge audience?
Why are some people really afraid of speaking in public?
What could happen to a person who is terrified of speaking in public when delivering a speech to a very large audience?

Watch the scene to check your answers.

Group work
Decide on three pieces of advice you would give the king to overcome his stammering before delivering a very important speech.

Grammar practice - paired conjunctions
Answer the questions. Use paired conjunctions to join the answers to the following questions. 

Use  both… and

  Has he learned how to trust himself?    
  He  has learned how to control his nerves. 
  He has learned how to trust himself.
 Did the king talk to Asians?
 The  king talked to Europeans.
 The king talk to Asians?
  Was the  English people afraid of what would happen during the war?
  French people was afraid of what would happen during the war.
  English people was afraid of what would happen during the war.

Use not only… but also
    Did the king work on his self- esteem?
  I know the king worked on his speech. 
  The king worked on his self-esteem too.

   Did he live with his children?
   I know the king lived with his wife.
 The king lived with his children too.

  Was the king a devoted student?
   I know the king was a devoted man. 
 The king was also a devoted father.

use  either or

The king had to give the speech, or his brother had to do it. Is that right?

 The teacher could be with the king, or his wife could be with him. Is that right?

 The oldest brother had to become king, or the youngest one could become king. Is that right?

Use neither… nor
  1. The king didn’t like speaking to small groups. Did he like delivering important speeches?

  1. The king never used swear words. Did he use informal words?

A teacher helped the king overcome his difficulty and deliver a wonderful speech. Watch the second scene and jolt down some of the strategies the king used.

Have you ever overcome a difficulty? You'll tell a partner about it. Take a look at the questions below to help you remember. 

Have you ever had to quit a habit?
Have you ever had to overcome a difficulty?
Have you ever felt nervous about doing something?
What happened?
Why was the situation difficult?
How did you feel?
Did you overcome your difficulty?
Were there consequences?
Was there a lesson to be learned?

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