Monday, May 28, 2012

Maximizing Mlearning

Mobile Learning - Learning is everywhere 


 Show and Tell
 Here is a nice idea  to get show and tell projects go mobile. We use mlearning making sure we hold truthful to the main principles behind a well designed communicative tasks: Students should have choice of language, there should be real information gap and feedback should be provided by teachers and peers on language and content.

Level; Any
Language Skill; Speaking
Device needed; Ipad, camera
Learning outcome; Contextualizing or personalizing language
Aim - Have students listen to their  oral production and raise awareness of what areas need improvement
App; educreations (free)
Internet Status; offline  
Number of devices required ; 1 or more, if available

After being exposed to the language in the unit, students are asked to personalize it by talking about an image that carries meaning to them. Students send the pictures to the teacher by email. Teacher dowloads pictures to the Ipad and brings them to class. Each student writes a text about his/her image. Students record their voices usind educreations. Teacher shows the recordings and invites students to give feedback on language and/or content to force information gap.

Advanced students - Talk about  photos that strike their attention using the language in the material. There are similar photos displayed and the other students are asked to choose the very one being talked about.

Beginners - Students make a snack and talk about it. I'm making a snack with...There are similar photos displayed and the other students are asked to choose the ver one being talked about to force information gap.

Intermediate - Students make a poster about any giver topic or make a dialogue as languageproduction and record their lines on educreations. Teacher posts the materials on the school's site and asks people to vote for a winner.

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