Friday, May 11, 2012

Fostering the 4 Cs

I attended a great seminar today, and I have learned about different tools and different ways to use some tools that I had already worked with. 


What I learned:
Ronaldo Junior suggested an interesting way to use wordle that I had not heard before; he told the audience about how educators can paste two different articles on the same topic and reflect upon the different key words that will make the word cloud. He told us about how this reflection could lead students to interpret the words and realize the agendas each publication may have. Another interesting way to explore wordle that he mentioned is having students' resumes made into clouds and have them analyse the results and share their findings with the other students in the group. I loved this idea because there would be a lot of genuine communication among students. 
What I already knew:

Ronaldo Junior also suggested the use of a camera to illustrate vocabulary items. 
He showed an edited version of the movie below
My insight
I'll ask my intermediate group to do it for the new lexical point I'll teach to see how it works.

Using Songs
Two dear workmates Cleide Nascimento and Fernanda Barbosa talked about using songs in the classroom.
Before listening
Use wordclouds to predict content of a song.
Showing a clip to activate schemata
Illustrate some lines to help grasp meaning
While listening
Students complete lyrics with rhyming words.
Students correct the lyrics.
Students answer comprehension questions about the lyrics to practice past tenses or reported The man told the woman not to go away because he loved her.
Students could answer a quiz
After reading
Write another version to the lyrics. or students could write a letter as if they were one of the people in the lyrics. 
Have students illustrate the song to make a clip.
My insights
I need to use songs more often, and use some tools that I know of to help me develop he activities, or offer students the chance of having a quick musical practice.

Practicing Listening and speaking online

Claudio Fleury offered the audience a varied menu of tools to be explored tomaximize class time aand enhance learning.

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