Friday, June 8, 2012

The Line Game - Practicing Present Perfect

Stand in Line
 Here is a nice game-like acticity to practice or contextualize present perfect and present perfect continuous in a personalized way.

Low intermediate +
Speaking/Listening/GrammarContextualizing/ personalizing language

1. Watch the movie and answer the following questions using one of the words below.

devoted, inspirational, commited, learning difficulties, state school, hostile, heavy, by...

What kind of teacher is she?
What kind of students does she have?
What is the school like?
What is the environment in class like?
How does the teacher help students connect?

Students _________________ (feel) restless for a long time.
The school ______________ (not change) a bit since they started going there.
All students in class ____________ (be) in Juvenile Hall at least once.
Students ____________ (misbehave) since they started school.
Everybody in class _____________ (already -  buy) the new dog album.
Many students_____________ (realize) that they all have a lot in common since the beginning of the activity.

nobody in class __________ (has not) lost a friend to violence.
Many students ___________ (step) on the line several times since the game started.
Students ____________ (be) worried about their family member’s safety.

3. Now you will play the line game. Your teacher will ask questions. If your answer is yes, approach the line. 

How many of you know how to...
How many of you have been going to the movies lately?
How many of you have always loved studying English?
How many of you have lost a dear friend?
How many of you have been supporting a friend?
How many of you have been at this school for more than 3 years?
How many of you have changed schools at least twice?

How much can you remember? What have your classmates been doing or have done?
Write some more questions to continue the game. Remember to use present perfect or present perfect continuous.

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