Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ESL Movie Activity - Quantifiers- Comment on Fashion and Style

Devil Wears Prada is a wonderful movie to explore the topic of trends, fashion and styles. Whenever I decide to bring a movie activity, I want to make sure there is a lot of production involved. This activity worked well and illustrated the vocabulary I had to teach: Fashionable, trendy, shoking, flashy, etc.

1. How do you think people in your country would generally suggest dressing for these events? Discuss appropriate and inappropriate dress for each event.
a) A business meeting
b) a dinner at a fancy restaurant
c) A wedding
d) A job interview

2. Compare your classmates opinions. Use quantifiers to summarize your classmatesideas.
A majority of the class thinks...
A few students think...
Many people think...

3. Watch the movie segment and complete the sentences that follow.
Would you like to work for this magazine? Why? Why not?
Would you mind working for a place with a very strict dress code?
How much attention to you pay to what people wear?
Have you ever been interviewed for a job? What did you wear?
4. Complete the sentences with the correct quantifiers.

a) ____/ ______/_______/________ people in the office
try to dress appropriately by following fashion trends.
b) It’s true that ____/ ______/_______/________ of these people are in good taste.
It’s also true that____________ people end up getting a bit overdressed.
c) _____________ of the employees, more exactly 66% of them, said that ______ people who
want to keep their jobs should wear tacky bags.
d) The remaining employees claimed that, if people don’t know what to wear, they should talk to _______ fashion specialist. The reason why ____________ of them said that is that they believe they will lose their jobs if they dress innapropriately.
e) What ________ employees ( 100% of them) agree with is that, if a person wants to follow the dress code, he/she must wear _________ oldfashioned or tacky bags.

Comment on fashion and style

What does the assistant think about what she was wearing?
Watch the segment in which she undergoes a makeover and answer the questions that follow.

How would you describe her style after the makeover? How would her boss describe her?
What kind of clothes did she choose?
How would you describe her style?
If you were her, what would you choose from the closet?

Browse through a magazine. Choose something you would wear for different occasions. Prepare to say why.
1. Many / some / a few / most
2. Many / some / a few / most
3. Many / some / a few / most
4. A majority - no
5. One -
a third

6. All -

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