Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spicing up My Review Lesson - Illustrating Phrasal Verbs 2

Review lesson
Phrasal verbs
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My students were having a hard time remembering all the phrasal verbs in the unit, so I started the lesson by telling them two short stories. 
I have not been a brilliant math student, but my father was always teaching me some strategies to help me learn. It was really important for me to succeed in my academic life.
I asked students to tell me which phrasal verb from the list they could use in this sentence.
It was important for me to ___________ in my academic life. (get ahead)
I asked my students  if they knew all the verbs and told them that I was going to teach them a strategy to help them learn fast.

I gave each student a phrasal verb and asked them to illustrate it and write a similar story/sentence.
I took pictures of their drawings and sentences and used the projector to share everybody`s work. It`s was rewarding to observe that at this stage students were engaged, curious, and highly productive. 

I put 9 images on a slide and projected it on the board. We played some games with this image.

1- Memory challenge -  I turned off the projector and they had to say the sentences by heart as if the images were still there.

2. Tic-tac-toe  - I projected 9 different phrasal verbs and  turned the projector off. I devided the students in two groups. Then, I drew nine squares on the board. Students had to choose a square and say the verb-story that was there.

3. Stop I showed them  their work once more and played some music. I told them to write as many phrasal verbs and sentences as they could. The student with more correct sentences would get a small prize.

4. Check progress - I asked students if the activities had helped them learn all the phrasal verbs and what other strategies they could use to help them learn more phrasal verbs.

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