Friday, November 9, 2012

Spicing up My Review Lesson - Phrasal Verbs 1

integrated skill review lesson
Phrasal verbs
App - Keynote
Internet Status -  offline  ;)
Number of devices required - 1 per pair

On Monday my advanced group will review phrasal verbs. Here goes my attempt to integrate the 5 skills and hopefully maximize brain activity and learning.

A lead in to help students connect
I`ll bring some food in paper bags and ask students to get in pairs. Student A will close his/her eyes and smell the bag. student B will write his partner`s guesses about what fruit is in each bag. Students who guess correctly get to take the bags home. Students have to agree on a smell to inspire a new ice-cream flavor.

Students listen to a student generated recording and write down words to help them rebuild the text on strips of paper.
Students get in pairs and put the strips in the order they are mentioned while listening again.
Students are shown the original text and compare.


Language practice
Students complete the gaps with phrasal verbs.

Students are given a problem to solve. They are told that they work for a company that produces ice-cream, and that it is about to go under. They desperately need to come up with a new flavor to win back customers. They discuss the following questions and are invited to get inspired by the scent of the food in the paper bags used in the lead in phase.

Write a similar text  on keynote and blank phrasal verbs using mobile devices (schools` or their own) to challenge their friends.

Self assessment
Students might record their campaign and engage in self-assessment of their oral production as a review for the oral test.

Did I sound natural?
Did I use phrasal verbs correctly?
Did I mispronounce any word?
How can I improve my work?

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