Monday, October 31, 2011

In the Morning

1. What do you usually do in the morning?

2. You will watch a short scene in which two people in the US are getting ready in the morning. Make a list of what you think you will see.

3. Lottery - We will play lottery. Watch the movieclip and check all the activities you see in the clip that are on your list. The student with more crossed out verbs is the winner.

4. Spot the lie. One of the sentences is incorret. Can you spot the wrong one and correct it?

She wakes up at 8:00.
He has cereals for breakfast.
He plays in the morning.

5. Watch the movie again and write three sentences like the ones above to challenge your classmates. Can they spot the lie?

6. Tell your partner what you do in the morning. When you are done talk to someone else. Use the verbs/phrases below to help you.

Wake up
Get up
eat/have _____ for breakfast
make breakfast
Get dressed
have a shower
Leave home about ...

7. Play last man standing. Make a circle in the middle of the class. Say a sentence about one of your classmates.
so and so eats cereals for breakfast.
Throw the ball to another student. He/she will say another sentence about another student in class.
so and so wakes up at 6:00. Continue until there is only one student left in the circle.

8. Do you know anyone who lives in another city or country? Make a glogster reporting to your group what his/her routine in the morning is. Is it any different from ours? Why?

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