Friday, June 17, 2011

Speaking Class - Books and Stories - Stranger than Fiction

1. How many words can you relate to the word book? With you partner decide which words are not connected with reading.

Writer's blockage

2. With a partner decide on a definition to the word summary.

3. Watch this movie review and jot down some ideas to help you summarize the plot. Pay close attention to new words you see. Try to grasp their meaning from context.

4. Discuss in groups.

Would you like to watch this movie?
How would you complete the sentence - Little did he know...
What does reading mean to you?
Are you well read? Would you like to be?
What's your attitude torwards reading?Has it changed in any way?
What are you reading at the moment?

5. How many idioms related to books can you think of? check on a dictionary and challenge your partner. Read the sentence to your partner and check whether he or she can grasp the meaning.

6. In a group of three tell a story you have read and liked. The group will choose one to report to the rest of the class. Plan what you will say and what language you will use.

7. Your teacher will give you some books to look through. Read the blurps and decide which one you'd choose to read and why.

8. Discuss
How technology changed the way we tell stories?
How important are stories to you?
What kind of stories do you,like reading, telling or listening to?

9. Read this text about digitalstorytelling.

10. Check this list of tools to help you tell a story. Which one would you choose to tell your story?

11. Here is my story! What can you tell about me that you didn't know before? Please, choose a tool to tell us more about you. I'm dying to hear what you have to say!

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  1. Hello Dani!I just check the website you told me.I tried to make my own story but is really difficult to do it hahahahaah.I had to stop and think what were the memorable facts on my life!!!
    And about the social network that I told you,I'm sending you the link:
    It's a social network made by students to facilitate the relation between employees and employers.You can give an advice about his/her behavior,clothes or strangers attitudes at work,without telling your name.So it won't be a compelling situation at your working environment.
    I hope you enjoy it!!!See you next Friday