Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESL Speaking Class on Shopping

What's your financial IQ?

Have you seen this movie? what is it about?
would you like to see it? why?

Watch the following scene and answer the questions that follow.

  • What kind of buying was it?
  • What does she say to herself when she is considering buying?
  • What argument convinced her?
  • Do you find hard to resist shopping when you are short on money?
  • What's your attitude towards your own personal budget?
  • What would you have done?
Read this money related words. Answer the following questions to personalize/use these words.
Prime 1 Unit 3 Financial IQ
Do you live within your means?
Do you keep track of your expenses?
Do you put some money away into savings?
Do you pay your credit card in full?
Do you live beyond your means?
Do you make ends meet?
Do you consider yourself to have a high /low financial IQ? Why?
Study tip. Record yourself answering these questions. How could you improve your oral performance? Use this site.

Think about a time when you purchased something. Use the questions below to help you remember. Tell your partner about it.
When was it?
What did you buy?
Was it worth buying it? How useful is it?
Did you bargain?why/ why not?
Where did you shop? A small boutique, a chainstore or online?
How did you feel? Did the buying make you feel happy?
A worksheet on further language and reading tasks.Shop Till You Drop

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