Monday, April 26, 2010

A Mother's Day Web2.0 Project

Mother's day is around the corner, this is an esl graded book to read with our esl/efl students to help them get in the mood to celebrate. What's the best gift for mom?
In Class:
  • I'll elicit from them what makes a good gift for their moms.

  • Write a wordcloud with their suggestions.

  • I'll read them the book and check against the cloud (check how many of their guesses were mentioned in the book).

  • Ask them to personalize by designing a gift for their moms.

Here is how it looks like on issuu:

Here is how it looks like on Storyjumper

Here is how it looks on rockyou
Please feel free to use the illustrations and try web2.o out! You can find them on flickr.


  1. Hi Claudio,
    You are always very supportive.Thank you!