Friday, February 17, 2012

What People Do for Carnival - Practicing Present Continuous

A.    What springs to mind when you hear the word carnival?
 Do you like Carnival? Why (not)?
What do people usually think about carnival in Brazil? Are there any misconceptions?
What would be some difficulties a foreigner would face when spending carnival in Brazil?
    Where is the best carnival in the world? Why?
    What do you know about Carnival in other countries?
    What are the best and the worst things about carnival?

B.    Watch a movie scene from the movie Rio and check if you mentioned any of the things that happens to the American lady during the Samba parade.

C.     Use the verbs below to write sentences about who is doing what in the scene.
eg. The dog is running. 

      Wear costumes

      dance and sing
      Play drums

     Clap hands

     Play games
    imitate a bird
     get stuck in a “carro alegórico”

 D. Take a picture of yourself and your friends having fun in a special occasion in your country and share with our online community.

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