Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giving Directions

1. You will watch a scene of the movie Spanish Apartment. In this scene, the French guy has just arrived in Spain, and he is trying to find a place to stay. He is day dreaming as he tries to get familiar with the city.

Before you watch
Discuss in pairs:
A) Have you ever been to a place that was totally new to you and gradually became familiar to it? Why? Why not?
B) what kind of trips do you enjoy? Are you the adventurous kind?
c) What is the most interesting place that you have been to?
d) Have you been to Spain? Would you like to? Why? Why not?

While you watch
You'll read a short description of the scene. Then, you'll watch it and spot seven differences.
In the beginning, he is holding suitcases and walking around the city. He doesn't have a map, and all he can see are buildings and streets that don't make any sense. He decides to ask for directions. The first person to help is a lady. She tells him to turn right, and points to a direction. He follows the directions and he starts thinking about how one day the streets and the people will all be familiar to him because he will have crossed the streets many times. He starts turning right and then left on a very busy street until he arrives at a beautiful park. When he arrives at the apartment he was looking for, and an old man tells him in Russian that the bell is broken.

After you watch.
Discuss in groups
Have you ever gotten lost?
What would you do if you got lost in a foreign country?
Do you agree with the saying that men don't like to ask for directions? Why? Why not?
Where's the best restaurant in town? Could you give directions?

Follow up

Find a picture of a nice place in your town you recommend for any reason. Record your voice on photobubble giving directions and send it to the restof the group.

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