Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ESL Speaking Class on Breaking up

I'm teaching a group of advanced students , and we are dealing with vocabulary to describe people's personalities and relationships. Here is my warmer.

Aim - Set the tune to talk about breaking up, personality traits
Level - Advanced
Age group Older teens
Time 10'

An early riser
A hothead
A pushover
A self-starter
A night owl
A heartbreaker
An overachiever
Do opposites attract? How would you describe a perfect match for you? Use the words/phrases above to complete the sentences.
The person should be a...because...
The person shouldn’t be a ... because...
You'll watch a scene from the movie Forgetting Sarah. The main character is suffering a lot because his girlfriend, Sarah, broke up with him.
What should a person do to ease the pain of a broken heart?
What’s the worst thing that can happen immediately after the breaking up?
Watch the scene and check your predictions.
Homework - Go to flickr and explore photos tagged as love. Take a picture that represents what love is to you, and bring it to class. get ready to talk about your choice.

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