Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meaningfully Drilling Matters of the Heart

  1. You will watch a movie scene of a guy who met a perfect girl. How would you describe someone perfect? Watch the scene and pay attention to details.

2.  Two sentences are correct. Can you find them?

When Hansen first saw Summer, he wasn't very impressed.
His friend liked her.
Hansen didn't like summer when they first met.
Summer just moved from Brazil.
Summer was a simple girl.
Summer and Hansen hit it off immediately.
Hansen wasn't listening to music in the elevator.
Hansen was listening to The Smith
Hansen ignored Summer in the elevator at first.
Summer didn't begin a conversation with Hansen.
It was easy for Hansen to talk to Summer.
Choose from the sentences below the ones that could help you to talk about the day you first met someone important to you. You may need to change some of the sentences to make them true to you.
When I first met my friend/wife/husband we were at a party.
We had a great time together.
I was very impressed by him/her.
I fell in love immediately.
I took a long time to fall in love.
We went out for a year before we started dating.
We hit it off immediately.
I remember our first date very well.
It was very easy/ difficult to talk to him/her.
We dated for many years.
I was very young when we got engaged.
I got married many years after I met my partner.
We had a wonderful wedding.
We got married in the summer.
We had two children.

We got divorced 5 years ago.
I hope to grow old together.

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