Friday, August 19, 2011

A Beautiful Place I've Been to

Have you ever been to a beautiful place?
How was the weather like?
How was the people like?
Would you go there again?
2. You will watch a scene about a person who arrives in a foreign country.

3.Read a description of the scene and spot seven defferences between the text and the scene.
Linda and her pet had a great time in Rio. They arrived during the day after a long trip by train. The weather was nice and hot; She was feeling well, but she was worried about the heat, so she put a lot of sunscreen on her face. Surprisingly, there weren't people on the beaches. When the car stopped, she got very surprised because people were wearing masks in the middle of the street! Her host told her about carnival, The second biggest party in the world. She was intrigued by a woman who was a professional performer. Linda was very excited about carnival and decided she wanted to join the crowd and dance too! The parrot, blu, made friends, and his friends told him that he didn't look like a foreigner. Blue came to Rio for carnival when is a good time to meet new people. The birds gave him a word of advice: Brazilian women don't respond well to a show of confidence. Everybody was really excited about being in such a great and colorful city!

4. Think about a place you have been to. Look at the sentences below and choose the ones that you could use to talk about your trip.
I was very happy to be there.
I got there by bus/train/plane.
It took me a long/short time to get there.
I arrived there during the day.
I arrived there during the night.
At first I was a bit confused/ tired.
I really loved the place from start!
I really enjoyed the weather/food/people there.
I didn't understand some cultural aspects.
I'd love to get back there, but I'd do some things differently.

5. Find a partner and expand a little on the sentences. Tell him as many details as you can.
6. Use audioboo to record your conversation and hear your classmates questions about your trip!

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