Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Wanna Samba

1. Answer the following questions.
Where did Blu live before he traveled to Rio?
Where was Blu born? How can you tell?
Where did he learn samba?
Where was his girlfriend born?
When did he learn how to fly?
Did he live in the States or in Europe?
Was he happy before he came to Rio?
Why did he come to Rio?

2. Watch the movie and check or complete your answers.

3. Answer the following questions about you.
Where were you born?
What can you do well?
Can you name something you learned when you were a child that you have never forgotten?
Where did you live when you were a teenager/child?
Where was your mother or father born?

4. Report some parts of your conversation to the rest of the group. Did you learn anything new about your partner?

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