Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Expressing Likes/ Dislikes

Teachers usually have to teach verbs - like, hate, can't stand, despise. When I watched these scenes in the movie 500 Days, I imagined that they could provide me with a great chance  to personalize this language point and give it an interesting twist by adding elaborated words to go with the verbs and allow students to use these words to talk about someone in their lives.

1. Have you seen the movie 500 Days of Summer? What is the story about?
2. Have you ever been in love?
3. The guy in the movie is deeply in love. He will tell his friend about what he loves about his girl. Watch the scene- sounds off. What does he say?
4. Watch the movie and take notes of what he loves about the girl . How many things did you get right?

5. Something happened and now the guy hates Summer, his girl. What could have happened?
6. Write down what you think he will say.
I guess he will say he hates...
7. Watch the movie. Were you correct?

8. Write a list of what was said.Your teacher will play music. The student with more correct sentences is the challenge winner.
9. What about you? What do you love/hate about someone in your life?

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