Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reflecting on Peer Observation

In the assignment proposed by Brown in Teaching by Principles teachers are invited to look at a list of potential choices we have when designing a method on the basis of what we know about second language acquisition and the pedagogical process. Whenever a teacher perceives connections between practices and theories and the principles derived from research, he/she will be able to see not only the reason for chosing a technique, but also his/her ability to assess usefulness in a self-appraisal. Nowadays, planning is the easiest part. Dealing with the schedule and my private life is tricky sometimes. But I love teaching, and I devote a lot of time to planning and I always want to make sure I deliver lessons to the best of my abilities. Every semester I need to focus on one aspect and design projects that will keep me focused and better equipped to reach the goals I set to myself. Next year I will face many challenges. I want to keep exploring technology and keep investing on my teaching so that every lesson reflects my beliefs. I decided to focus on peer- observation so that I can not only help myself, but hopefully inspire dear coleagues to join me.
I feel the need of pushing myself to become an enlighted teacher who can orchestrate practice and theories, techniques and principles to favor learners. I'll turn to peers to help make room for innovations and creative adjustments.
I came across an old worksheet used by my coach many years ago. I believe it could be a good start. Suggestions? Eager to hear.

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