Monday, September 24, 2012

Memorable exercise correction


Advanced- Prime 7 - Unit 7
subordinating conjunctions and transitions
App - Camera
Internet Status; offline  ;)
Number of devices required- 1 

Students debate the statement "Gifted children should be singled out for a preferential tratment. They should be given advantages that other children don't get in order to nurture their special talents."
Students write down their arguments for or against the statement. 
Teacher asks students to write their sentences on the board without puctuation and takes pictures of the board.
Teacher  elicits answers  and asks a student to take pictures of the board again.
Teacher crops the pictures  and shows them to students for extra practice or review.
To create a link to send to your student, open the presentation on Explain Everything, record your voice and export it directly from the app.

See an example here

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