Friday, February 22, 2013

Students` App Reviews - Teaching Passive Voice

I am teaching a group of intermediate students and the unit topic was about manipulated photographs. I noticed that all my students had mobile phones with cameras, so I asked them if they had ever manipulated photos and if they had apps to edit photos on their phones. Not to my surprise, they gladly showed me many interesting ones. I decided to use their gadgets and I was pleased by the results.

Outcome                    Write an app review
Target language         Passive voice
Age group                 Teens or young adults
Number of devices    One per group of three

Starting point - Show students two versions of the same photo and tell them what was changed in the manipulated one. Show them your App review and explore its layout.

APPs` name
Quick description of the manipulated photo

Group work - Students have 15 minutes to show each other what they can do with their favorite apps and choose the one they like best. Then, they have to take a photo, edit it using the chosen app, and write a review about it following the layout previously explored.

Debriefing - Ask students to share their work and vote for the most interesting app.

Students` written work

Name: EyeColorizeFPrice: FreeSystem: Iphone-iosYou can change your eye color and pupil size.How/Why was the picture manipulated?- In this picture, the eye colors were changed. The eyes were green, brown and green. But they were changed to brown- green, green- blue, green- blue


Camera + 

In this app, we can add many effects. We can change the clarity, and add some backgrounds. We can also change the position, invert the sides, crop,and  put borders. What makes is app different is the  Fx effects, which are special effects. 
The picture was inverted and it was also made brighter. The  Fx effect  was added, and we also added a white frame. 


Name: InstaCollage
System: iOS 
Features: Rotate, edit, take a photo, zoom, camera role, effects, grame, text, stickers.
What you can do: Edit Photos, change the frame, add stickers, zoom, change the colors.
How/ why was the picture manipulated?
To the  original photo, an effect was added, and we put a sun in the back and changed the frame. The manipulated photo looks like an old picture. The result is good.  

Name: Editor de fotos

Price: Free

System: Android

Features: With this app, you can change the photo's colors, add decorations, add effects to the photo and crop it.

How/Why was: In this picture, an old photography effect was added, and a tie, a crown and a cigar were added too.



How/Why was: The app can change faces of 2 or more people and compare with the original  photo. In the second photo, the heads were changed.


  1. Hi guys, I loved the apps review. I'll probably download Swapfaces, it looks funny! One of my favorite photography apps is PicCollage. As the name suggests, collages can be made with the photos in your camera roll.


  2. Really good job guys ! I love all the effects. many changes can be made with these apps. Claps from Argentina, for you and your teacher who had this great idea ! :)