Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finding Motivation in a Poem

Motivation is probably the most frequently used term for explaining success or failiure in any given task. It`s easy to assume that if students are motivated, they will learn more. Surely, there is much truth to this belief, and we should further our understanding of what motivation really is and learn how to use it in our favor. What does being motivated mean? How can we become motivated to reach our academic goals? If motivation is an inner drive, emotion, or desire that moves us in a direction, it must than be fostered if we are to succeed. To any language learner, creating, fostering and maintaining motivation is key to the learning process, but it is easier said than done. What can we do to get the drive to learn going, to feel pushed in the right direction and keep on until we become fluent speakers of the target language? Bring emotion into play and doing what really sparks sheer joy is my answer. What touches you, what moves you? That`s what you need to focus on.. Cooking, reading, music, poems, or stories conjure up emotions, memories and trigger our learning brains. Our souls are easily touched by the beauty of an inspiring poem, and we need inspiration to exceed our own expectations and move forwards . Please, watch the video below and find inspiration in a poem.

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