Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Learning Quiz for Beginners

Learning strategies
Participial adjectives

1. When we learn a language we need to enjoy and be brave enough to try to use it to communicate. List positive attitudes a person should have in order to learn.

2. Watch the scene below and answer the following questions.

How does the mom feel?
Why does the mom want to learn English?
Does the child help her mom? Why? Why not?

1. When we learn a second language,  we are not sure of the right attitude to have, or what to do to maximize our learning. Take this quiz to find out more about what facilitates the process. When you finish it, discuss the answers with your classmates and teachers.

a) I think classes should be about grammar.
b) I analyze some of the grammar points.
c) I enjoy studying grammar, but I don't overdo it. I use the structures first.

Meaningful Learning
a) I don't know why I have to talk about me all the time.
b) I know I can learn a lot if I personalize what I learn by talking about me.
c) I like to repeat what my teacher says and I never try to express my ideas.

a) When I learn something new I feel excited.
b) I think that listening exercises are annoying because I don't understand all the words.
c) I think learning is challenging but It will be interesting for me to speak well for professional reasons.

a) I'm excited about taking responsability for my learning.
b) I feel tired and I never study English out of the classroom.
c)I am very motivated to invest some time and effort to learn a language.

a) When I am in class, I feel scared of not performing well.
b) I feel confident even when I am not sure. Mistakes are well come.
c) I am interested in learning from my mistakes.

a) I feel excited when my teacher tells me I should take risks.
b) I don't want to make mistakes. If I am not sure I just don't say anything.
c) I think it's motivating to try using the language even when I am not very sure if I am correct.

Language culture connection
a) I am very interested in learning about the culture.
b) Learning a language involves learning about its culture.
c) I am not interested in learning about different cultures.

Native language effect
a) Comparing my native language and my second language is very tiring.
b) Comparisons are interesting, and I can learn from it.
c) Comparing is stressing, and I never do it.

a) I am very interested about the corrective feedback I get because hey lead to learning.
b) Making mistakes is very embarrassing.
c) I feel encouraged by my teacher when I am corrected.

Communicative competence
a) I feel frustrated if my class is only about repetition and grammar.
b) I get excited about learning how to communicate my own ideas.
c) I am interested in learning how to talk to different people. eg. My boss, my friend, my partner.

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