Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now What? What Do I Do with the Ipads?

I have been using IPads in class for about 3 months. Not every class of course, but at least once a week with all my groups. What I have observed so far is that different age groups react differently, but they all appreciate a change in the pace of the lesson. Some of them get really creative and excel in tasks that they would not really care about if I were not using the IPads. However, I have to confess that sometimes I ask myself: Now what? I have asked them to create videos, posters, notes, walls, but I feel I need to get creative and inspired to do more. ..

I need to get out of my comfortable zone and explore to make the most of the expensive devices I have available for me at school, and thank God there are people around to inspire me and help me redesign my thoughts and enhance the quality of my teaching. Here is an inspirational and resourceful post by Carla Arena  worth reading if you are willing to open your mind to different possibilities in the language classroom!

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