Friday, January 24, 2014

Creating Animated Video Icebreakers



I remember the first time I saw a Common Craft video. I realized how powerful it could be in the classroom, and I used them in class many times. I even tried to make some on my own, but I soon realized that I didn`t have the artistic skills or the time necessary for such a project. Last week, during an EVO session, I came across PowToon, which is a tool to make awesome animated videos with just some clicks. The tool also offers  the possibility to edit as much as you like, but I decided to keep it simple and not spend too much time.  I showed what I created to a group of teachers, and the response was fantastic. They also realized the impact such videos could have in their classrooms.  However, some kept coming to me to help them figure out how to put their videos together. I really enjoy teaching people how to use new tools, so I decided to make a tutorial to help out. I hope it`s useful.

Ice Breakers are an effective way of starting a new term or school year. These interactive and fun activities help people to get to know each other and lead teachers into the lesson itself. When an ice breaker is well-designed and facilitated, it can really help get things off to a great start. I made a 321 animated introduction for all levels I teach, but I`ll explore them differently. Here are some suggestions on how to explore your introduction, but I am sure there are many other creative ways that I have not thought off.

  • Show students the introduction and ask them what they can remember about you.
  • Ask students to write down everything they have in common with you.
  • Ask student to google  you to find out more and share.
  • Tell students they should make a  321 introduction about themselves to share with the group - they could make a digital poster, record a video, or draw.

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