Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shrek 3 - Practicing Reported Speech

I will be teaching the reported speech again. I took a course by Michael Lewis many years ago during a LAURELS conference, the audience was discussing how many times reported statements appear on Corpus and why coursebooks put so much emphasis on teaching this grammar point. But we EFL teachers have to do it and we want to do it well. Meaning, form, pronunciation and...Use!
Here is a presentation to practice the reported speech and engage students in an interesting conversation about favorite movie scenes... He said that, he insisted, she said he said... and so on...

  • Students take a movie quiz.
  • Practice the reported speech. Download PDF -
  • Ask and answer questions about a movie of their choice and describe a favorite scene.

E- writing takesplace as my students will leave comments on movieclip and write about the movies they talked about on our class blog. Enjoy!
A movie segment on movieclip

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