Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Movie Activity to Introduce Indirect Questions

It's amazing the way we find what's righ for us at the point of need. I watched a great movie this weekend. Invictus touched me deeply. I needed to remind myself that I am the captain of my soul.
I'm looking forward to using it next week as I will be teaching indirect questions on Saturday to an outstanding group of high intermediate students who really need to work on their fluency. We had been discussing movies - Unit 10 American Headway 3. I decided to have a smooth transition and try to inspire my students to open up to the idea of speech classes by showing them a compelling movie review.
In class:
I'll show them a wordle cloud and ask them to predict what movie We'll talk about, the plot, actors.

Students will go over the questions on the board:

  • Have you seen this movie? What is it about?
  • Who are the actors? What do you think about the plot?
  • Students will watch this short movie review to notice the question Francois Pienaar asked Mandela, and how it would be different if it started with Could you tell me...When to use one way or another, which one sounds more polite, etc.
I'll use the course book to practice this grammar point and end this controlled grammar stage with a movie activity suggested on moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.

Our homework
Students will be invited to bring a movie segment or song that speaks to them and share it with their classmates
E-writing takes place when they post about the song or movie segment on our class blog.

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