Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Breaker - An Approach to Connect People

A good ice-breaker
Opens the way
I have planned some last year using flickr, photopeach and wordle.  This year I am planning others using some tools I regularly come across on twitter or blogs I read.
On Life Feast I learned about YouCube.
Asking Questions
Level Elementary to upper intermediate
Materials Whiteboard, notebooks, internet
Tool YouCube
Preparation - Choose short videos of things you enjoy on youtube, paste the URLS on YouCube and have them also on a flashdrive in case the net fails on you!
1. Let your students explore the videos and the amazing interface YouCube provides us with.
2. Ask students to write down wh questions to ask you. Suppose one video is about capoeira. A question could be something like how often do you practice?
3. Have students ask you some questions, but tell them that the students who remembers the most details will get a nice surprise. I usually give a small treat to all the students and a bigger one for the winner of the challenge.
4. Have students make their own cubes as homework and repeat the activity on the following lesson.

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