Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quizmakers- Become an Active Learner

Learning to walk
I was sitting in the teachers's room talking to two workmates who had just finished a four semester Teacher Development Course that I had just started.
I really enjoyed the first semester. Advanced grammar was really interesting, but I don't remember much, one of them told me. I was worried... I didn't want to waste all the time I invested in professional development just like that! I was also worried because I know I cannot trust my memory too much. I like to think of myself of an active learner, and I wanted to keep track of what I was learning and to get acquainted with tools my students could use to become active learners themselves. I devoted time to exploring quizmakers, and I chose quizegg.
Userfriendly. You can use it for free and you can embed the quiz. The editor is rich; It allows hyperlinking and editing pictures.
You can ask students to prepare quizzes to help them study or review.
If you love the tool, you'll have to buy the lisence. It only lets you make 3 quizzes for free. Here are some of the activities I prepared with it.

These quizzes are great ways to remind myself of what the content of the course was. My workmates will love to be able to review too! Quixegg, fantastic tool to use in class. Thumbs up!

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