Thursday, December 16, 2010

Invictus Movie Activity - Punctuation- Using Commas

Invictus (2009) poster

Intermediate +
Puctuation; using commas
APP; Explaineverything -
Ipad  - Optional
Internet Status; offline


Student A - Watch and read about movie scene 1 and prepare to tell your parner   about it.Student B - Watch and read about movie scene 2 and prepare to tell your parner about it.

Scene 1. 

Mandela remembered a game in Barcelona. At the time, the future seemed very bleak, but he was inspired by a song.

According to Mandela, people need inspiration.

Nelson Mandela told the captain of the team that when things got really bad, he found inspiration in a poem.

Because Mandela had the poem, he had the strength to deal with the situation.

On the day of a big match, the captain played a familiar song so the players would get inspired.

Nelson Mandela wanted the captain to inspire the players, for he wanted to use rugby as a way to unite the country.

The captain understood Mandela because he also knows how important it is to feel inspired in order to accomplish a goal.

Scene 2

The captain of the team decided to visit the prison Mandela went to, for he wanted to understand him better and get inspired.

The whole team visited the prison, but only the captain knew about the poem.

The captain was really touched by the poor conditions, and started remembering the poem.

The captain could hear the poem in his head, and he was really emotional.

At the end, the visit was a great success, and everybody got the inspiration needed.

2. Watch a presentation and take notes.

3. Add commas to the sentences if it is necessary.

The players are practicing a lot but nobody knows whether they will be able to win the game.
The president asks the captain to inspire the team for it’s essential that people start trusting each other.
The players the manager and the captain visited the prison.
I don’t know if the players will sing the song or if they’ll keep pretending.

4. Watch this inspiring trailer  and write sentences of your own using the guidelines you've studied.

The players are practicing a lot, but nobody knows whether they will be able to win the game.
The president asks the captain to inspire the team, for it’s essential that people start trusting each other.
The players, the managert, and the captain visited the prison.
I don’t know if the players will sing the song, or if they’ll keep pretending.

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