Sunday, June 17, 2012

Notting Hill - Participial Adjectives

1. Mr. Thacker was really _________________________ about meeting Anna Scott.
2. Ana Scott was very _________________ by Mr. Thacker's being at the press conference.
3. Ana Scot t was a bit _______________ because she had to answer many questions. 
4. Ana Scott was a bit _______________ by Mr. Thacker's asking her to reconsider her decision of leaving Britain.
5.Mr. Thacker said that the readers of House and Hound would be absolutely ________________.
6. All the reporters were absolutely ____________ by the revelation of Theckr's and Ana's love situation.
7. Everybody was extremely ______________________ by Ana's __________________ smile.
Notting hill is a _________________ movie, and it tells the story of a very unusual romance. 
Mr. Thacker is so _______________ by Anna'e reaction that he believes that his dreams came true. 

Complete the table with four sentences from the quiz.
Sentences with adjectives ending in – ed
Sentences with adjectives ending in - ing
What’s the difference?
The present and past participle forms of many verbs function as adjectives.
The past participle (tired, excited, annoyed) has a passive meaning. Most sentences using past participles can be restated with a by phrase.
The artist is excited = He is excited by the news

Follow up
Think of a soothing, interesting or stimulating movie that you like. You are going to tell your partner about it. Choose from the list the things you want to talk about. Think about what you’ll say and what language you’ll need.

 Does the movie bring you memories? What kind?
 Have you watched this movie  recently?
 What is the movie about?
 What do you think about the director?
 How could you describe the scenes?
 Who is in it?
 What's the sountrack like?
 What are the most exciting/ inspiting/thrilling part?

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