Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Creative to Learn House Chores

App TinyTap
Learning Goal
Create a game to personalize and practice have to/ has to while talking about house chores.

1. Contextualizing
Start by telling students you had to do many things last weekend. Ask groups to list what they think you did. Show pictures with you doing things at home and have students check their guesses.Tell students you`d like to know who helps the most at home to give them a purpose to do the tasks on page 55. Elicit answers

2. Creating a digital Project to promote practice, personalization of language and self-assessment.

Teacher can work in two ways:
If there’s time, students, in groups, use their iPad cameras to take pictures doing chores around school (cleaning the floor, organizing the material, studying long hours, etc.). Tell them they can come up with new sentences or base their pictures on the book vocabulary.
If there’s not much time, use the previous pictures (the ones you’ve projected in the Contextualization step). Project them again and ask groups to take pictures.


Teacher tells students they will create a game in TinyTap app. Show a sample game and let them enjoy it. Help them notice that there`s a hint sentence with the target structure.

Separate students in groups of three to write their hint sentences.

Check students` work.

Write the steps of the apptivity on the board.
·      Take pictures
·      Open TinyTap
·      Make your game (project the app and go features)
Hand out the iPads

As students have played the game, they know they need to select three pictures per page and record their “hint sentence”. For example, they might say “You have to do it to keep the floor clean”. (The other group is supposed to tap on the picture with a person sweeping the floor).
After saving their work with the help of the teacher, students exchange iPads to play the game.

Students email their work to their parents and challenge them to guess the correct answers. Students had lots of fun doing this activity and some of them downloaded the app on their personal iPads!

Learn house chores
House Chores

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