Monday, June 11, 2012

Uses of Thinglink in a Language Class - Phrasal Verbs

Illustrating Phrasal Verbs

Low intermediate +
Vocabulary Learning Strategies
Contextualizing or personalizing phrasal verbs
Ipad  - Optional
App - Educreations (free) - Optional
Internet Status; online

This is a good activity to make phrasal verbs more meaningful to students. After they deal with phrasal verbs, ask them to illustrate some that are trickier to remember. If students have Ipads, have them draw on educreations. If not, ask them to draw on a piece of paper. Take pictures and compile all the photos on thinglink. Have students find cool links to illustate the phrasal verbs even more. 
When you upload the image to thinglink, have it open so that your students can tag the images from home.
In the following class, have a debriefing moment by exploring their work. 
Extra practice
Play STOP!
Students see the image. Music is on and they have to write as many sentences as they can using the modal verbs depicted in the image. Music stops. Students with more/funniest/most creative sentences win.

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